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Digital technology now touches nearly every aspect of our lives, and the challenge organisations face is rarely lack of data, but how to make the best use of the data they have.  LIDA’s data-driven research and innovation help organisations meet this challenge, drawing on expertise from every Faculty across the University of Leeds.

Our founding strengths of health informatics and consumer data still form a large part of our portfolio, but our research touches many other fields as well.

Key Strengths

  • Health Informatics
  • Urban Analytics
  • Statistical and mathematical methods
  • Visualization and immersive technologies

The ambition for all of our data-driven research is to help organisations generate useful insights from their data that will make a difference to people’s lives, improving products and services and tackling a range of social and environmental issues.


The £11m ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is led by the University of Leeds and UCL, with partners at the Universities of Liverpool and Oxford.

The Centre seeks to open up consumer data resources and focuses on ways in which value can be extracted from new sources of data to benefit researchers in business, government and society at large.


The Medical Bioinformatics Centre focuses on research at the interface between the clinic and high volume molecular and phenotypic data sets and links to pioneering work in the NHS on The Leeds Care Record, a unique resource which spans primary, secondary and social care boundaries.