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The LIDA-Sainsbury’s partnership continues to go from strength to strength, with research outputs emerging in both strategic priority areas: property analytics and health:

  • Hood et al (2021) Applications of store loyalty card big data in the location planning process. Chapter 9 – Big data applications in Geography and Planning.
  • Clark et al (2021) Dietary Patterns Derived from UK Supermarket Transaction Data with Nutrient and Socioeconomic Profiles. Nutrition.
  • Jenneson et al (2021) A systematic review of automated electronic supermarket sales data for population dietary surveillance. Nutrition reviews.
  • Healthy, sustainable diets: driving change
  • Jenneson et al (2022) Exploring the Geographic Variation in Fruit and Vegetable Purchasing Behaviour Using Supermarket Transaction Data. Nutrients.

LIDA’s PhD students, supported by Sainsbury’s are now in their final year with research outputs forthcoming.  Sainsbury’s have additionally supported some undergraduate dissertation projects this year.  The first investigating gamification of fruit and vegetable purchases has initial findings published online here:

Dr. Michelle Morris


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