Consortium Members

The TARGET Consortium

Consortium and Partner Members

On the 30th October 2017, 12 parties signed the TARGET Partnership agreement:

The University of Birmingham

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

The University of Leeds

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

The University of Oxford

Queen Mary University of London

The University of the West of England

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Roche Products Limited

X-Lab Ltd

Since then, the University of East Anglia, the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, and the University of Nottingham have also signed the agreement.

In addition to these Partners, numerous members of other Institutes have pledged their support for the collective aims of the TARGET Consortium. The TARGET Consortium is open to any party who is interested in working within the areas of giant cell arteritis and steroid toxicity research. These include:

University Partners

The University of Leeds:

Professor Ann Morgan, (PI), Professor of Molecular Rheumatology and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist. Research field: vasculitis, GCA, PMR, Behçets syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, genetics, biomarkers

Professor Paul Stewart, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health. Research field: endocrinology, metabolism and musculoskeletal sciences

Professor Sir Alex Markham, Director of the Leeds Institute for Data Informatics. Research field: founding director of the MRC Centre, clinician of cancer, genetics and informatics

Professor Jennifer Barrett, Professor of Statistical Genetics. Research field: biostatistics specializing in statistical genetics

Professor Julian Scott, Professor of Vascular Surgery. Research field: inflammatory aortic aneurysms, vascular database development

Professor Philip Quirke, Section Head of Pathology and Tumour Biology. Research field: dimensional histopathology, genotype – phenotype integration

Dr Sarah Mackie, Associate Clinical Professor and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist. Research field: rheumatology, PMR, GCA

Dr Mar Pujades Rodriguez, University Academic Fellow. Research field: clinical epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiological and applied risk prediction research

Dr Ian Carr, Lecturer in Medical Bioinformatics. Research field: bioinformatics and development of programmes that address the practical needs of molecular biology

Dr Darren Treanor, Consultant Pathologist. Research field: lead on the largest digital pathology project in the UK

Dr Laura Matthews, University Academic Fellow. Research field: nuclear receptors in health and disease

Mr Owen Johnson, Senior Teaching Fellow. Research field: process analytics, Electronic Health Record systems, health informatics

Dr Arundhati Chakrabarty, Consultant Pathologist. Research field: GCA and neurological histopathology

Dr Andrew Scarsbrook, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, and Consultant Radiologist. Research field: imaging, radionuclide radiology, PET-CT

The University of Oxford:

Professor Raashid A Luqmani, Professor of Rheumatology and Consultant Rheumatologist. Research field: clinical evaluation of vasculitis, imaging, biomarkers

Dr Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Associate Professor and Clinician Scientist. Research field: database and pharmaco-epidemiological research

Dr Richard Watts, Consultant Rheumatologist. Research field: vasculitis, GCA, PMR, rheumatoid arthritis

The University of Cambridge:

Professor David Jayne, Professor of Clinical Autoimmunity. Research field: vasculitis research, early-phase clinical trials, biomarker development

The University of Birmingham:

Professor Alistair Denniston, Honorary Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist. Research field: ocular immunity and imaging, inflammatory eye disease

Dr Stephen Young, Reader in Experimental Rheumatology. Research field: chronic inflammatory diseases, signalling pathways,  NMR-based metabolomics

Dr Alexandra Sinclair, Clinician Scientist. Research field: clinical neurology, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, neuroendocrine aspects of headache

Queen Mary University of London:

Professor Mauro Perretti, Professor of Immunopharmacology. Research field: mechanisms and pharmacology of inflammation

Dr Michael Barnes, Director of Bioinformatics. Research field: pharmacology R&D, computational biology, translational research for drug discovery

University of the West of England:

Dr Jo Robson, Consultant Senior Lecturer in Rheumatology. Research field: ANCA-associated vasculitis, GCA, patient focused research and outcome measures

Imperial College London:

Professor Justin C Mason, Professor of Vascular Rheumatology. Research field: molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of vascular endothelial cytoprotection, molecular imaging

King’s College London:

Dr James Galloway, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant. Research field: rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal care pathways, infection risk, clinical trials

The University of Sheffield:

Professor Allan Wailoo, Professor of Health Economics & Director of NICE Decision Support Unit. Research field: economic evaluation of clinical trials and decision modelling

Newcastle University:

Professor John Isaacs, Institute Director of Cellular Medicine. Research field: immunopathogenesis of, and novel immunotherapies for, rheumatoid arthritis, T-cell immunology

Keele University:

Professor Christian Mallen, Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences. Research field: rheumatological complaints, musculoskeletal disorders

University of East Anglia:

Dr Max Yates, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia

NHS Trust Partners

Guy’s and St Thomas’:

Professor Miles Stanford, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology. Research field: ocular inflammatory diseases, neuro-ophthalmology

Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust:

Mr Clive Edelsten, Consultant Ophthalmologist. Research field: ocular inflammatory disease, macular disease, the surgery of complicated cataracts

King’s College Hospital:

Mr Eoin O’Sullivan, Consultant Neuro-ophthalmologist

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals:

Dr Fiona Black, Consultant Histopathologist

Nottingham University Hospitals:

Dr Peter Lanyon, Consultant Rheumatologist. Research field: specialised rheumatology services for rarer autoimmune diseases

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham:

 Miss Susan Mollan, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Southend University Hospital:

Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta, Head of Rheumatology and Clinical Director. Research field: GCA, PMR, disease classification and guidelines

Industry partners

Roche Products Limited

X-Lab Ltd

TARGET governance

The MRC Partnership has the following management bodies:

A Partnership Management Board (PMB) in relation to the whole Partnership

An external Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in relation to the whole Partnership

A Project Steering Group (PSG) for each active Project

The Chair of the PMB is Professor Ann Morgan, the Programme Manager of TARGET is Dr Charlotte Harden and the Project Manager of TARGET is Dr Louise Sorensen.


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