LIDA Seminar Series

LIDA Seminar Series

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to recent developments, and in accordance with the University’s policy of moving all classes online, for the foreseeable future all LIDA Seminars will be delivered digitally. There will not be the opportunity to present or attend the seminars in person until further notice.

Resources permitting, we will aim to deliver digitally recorded seminar presentations every Thursday as per the current seminar schedule, although this may not always be possible. Updates on when digital presentations are available to download will made via this webpage and the LIDA twitter account (@LIDA_UK).

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2020 Seminars

19th March

Pre-recorded presentations and slide packs available at the MORE link below.

CDAS CDT Internship Project Seminars

Presentation 1: Nucleation in cities
By: Cecile de Bezenac

Presentation 2: Two data-driven approaches to modelling the interactions between the UN’s Global Goals
By: Amirali Emami

Presentation 3: Understanding the issues and challenges in automated transcribing of phone calls for analysis in a Bus Transit System
By: Brett Hull

Presentation 4: Predicting participation in weight management programmes based on psychometric and demographic data
By: Ridda Ali


26th March

Pre-recorded presentations and slide packs available at the MORE link below.

LIDA Intern Seminar

Presentation 1: Project Update – Can data help give children equal access to education in Bradford? A look at the school admissions process.
By: Holly Clarke

Presentation 2: Project Update – From offline to real-time – the incorporation of real-time data into simulations of crowd movements
By: Thomas Richards

Presentation 3: Project Update – The measurement of consumer emotions: Applying Rasch theory to guide product design
By: Caitlin Chalk


2nd April

LIDA Intern Seminar

These presentations will be available at a later date.

Presentation 1: Project Update – Advancing analytics for Police resource deployment
By: Rob Long

Presentation 2: Project Update – Changes in meat consumption patterns in the UK – investigation using loyalty card data
By: Patrycja Delong

Presentation 3: Project Update – How can we detect Cancer Symptoms from Electronic Health Records?
By: Maab Ibrahim

Presentation 4: Project Update – Assessing the presence of food deserts in the UK
By: Francisco Videira


24 April

Pre-recorded presentation and slide pack available at the MORE link below.

CDAS CDT Internship Project Seminar

Presentation: Restricting in-store food promotions; automated wide-scale application of the UK Nutrient Profile Model
By: Vicki Jenneson