Investing & Protecting Data

Investing in Data Analytics

We are investing in an infrastructure that will not only meet the requirement for new skills, tools and techniques, but will also dramatically reduce the time it takes to translate blue skies thinking to solutions to real problems.

Protecting Data

LIDA is underpinned by the Integrated Research Campus (IRC), a highly secure and scalable computational infrastructure. The IRC is compliant with NHS Digital’s Information Governance Toolkit and achieved accredited certification in 2017 to the international standard for information security management, ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Big Data

Generating Data

Society generates a huge volume of complex data each day, simple activities such as travelling on smart motorways, collecting loyalty points and using social media are all generating data.


Value to Society

Big Data has the potential to transform society at a global scale. It is an extremely valuable resource that can help us to answer questions and provide solutions to real problems in the city, economy and society


A Changing Landscape

Not only is the amount of data generated doubling each year, but the range and qualitative content of it is rapidly changing. This means that there is a constant requirement for new skills, tools and techniques.


Big Data Research

Data analytics research at the University of Leeds has had a huge impact on society, from enhancing cancer guidelines and patient care programmes to informing commercial policy and public policy analysis.