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LIDA Seminar / 26th November 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

LIDA Seminar Series 26th November 2020

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Presentation 1: Methods for Real-time Pedestrian Simulation

By: Keiran Suchak

Abstract: This work focusses on the development of methods for the real-time simulation of pedestrian motion in urban environments. Pedestrian simulations are typically undertaken using agent-based models; the stochastic nature of these models, however, means that they typically diverge from the behaviour we observe in the real world. This work, therefore, focuses on developing methods to ensure that such models remain faithful to the scenarios that they seek to model by streaming in data. More info can be found in a profile on my work on the SoG website (https://environment.leeds.ac.uk/geography-research-degrees/dir-record/student-alumni-profiles/1527/keiran-suchak).

Presentation 2: Hierarchical Clustering of X-band Weather Radar Data

By: Maryna Lukach

Abstract: This talk presents a novel data-driven technique for identifying different classes in Quasi-Vertical Profiles (QVPs) based on observations made by the NCAS X-band dual-polarization Doppler weather radar (NXPol). This technique provides a physical delineation of multivariate radar observations into classes. The classes are identified as clusters belonging to a hierarchical structure preserving the data-driven inheritances. The number of different classes in the data is not predefined and the method obtains the optimal number of clusters by implementing a recursive process. The obtained optimal clustering is then used to label the original data.


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26th November 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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