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Data Science at LIDA - Online Behaviour Insights

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Statistical Data Science
Wednesday 21 February 2024, 10 - 11am
Room 11.87, Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA), Worsley Building, Floor 11, Leeds, LS2 9NL

The 3rd instalment of our data science mini-series showcasing current research projects here at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). This weeks features 10 minute lightning talks from two data scientists about their research into Online Behaviour Insights.

Chairs - Dustin Foley, Research Software Engineer at the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) & Dr Boshuo Guo, Lecturer of Digital Fashion Marketing at the School of Design.

Perceptions of COVID Safety Measures in Guest Reviews from AirDNA Data
Favour Aghaebe

Summary - Our project, using AirDNA data from the CDRC, analyzes guest perception of host compliance with COVID safety precautions. First, we segment hosts and properties based on features like host response time, revenue etc. Then, we identify guest reviews related to COVID-19 and cleanliness using Natural Language Understanding techniques. Sentiment analysis on these reviews will assess host and property performance. Finally, we will determine correlations between these reviews and the segmentation done earlier. This research aims to contribute valuable insights for ongoing and future epidemics, promoting informed choices and better health standards in the hospitality sector.

Biography - An initial fascination by analytics during an internship quickly turned into a career choice because of the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the field. As an advocate for public good, my interests lie in the application of data science (including language understanding) techniques to proffering solutions to everyday challenges.

[CANCELLED] Observing Consumer Online Word of Mouth On Social Media Under Scarcity
Liam Bailey

Summary - The UK is in an economic crisis. The rising cost-of-living and disrupted supply chains have intensified the strain on families already grappling with financial challenges. Despite the UK standing as one of the leading economies, disconcerting statistics from 2023 reveal that 22% of adults in Great Britain find themselves resorting to increased borrowing, while a staggering 27% struggle with shortages in essential food items. This presentation will delve into the evolving discourse on Twitter surrounding financial and product scarcity, examining how these insights into consumer behaviour and well-being can be harnessed by policymakers and charities to better support vulnerable consumers.

Biography - Liam Bailey, a committed Data Scientist with a Psychology background, emphasises the value of employing techniques that capture people's voices. With hands-on experience in health and social care, he is dedicated to providing actionable insights, aiding policymakers and charities in reducing inequalities and fostering positive change for vulnerable communities.