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Feature-Preserving Point Cloud Simplification with Gaussian Processes

Artificial Intelligence
LIDA: Environment
Machine Learning
Friday 14 July 2023, 2 - 3pm
LIDA room 11.87 / MS Teams (online)
Tom Baldwin-McDonald (PGR Machine Learning at Manchester)

The processing, storage and transmission of large-scale point clouds is an ongoing challenge in the computer vision community which hinders progress in the application of 3D models to real-world settings, such as autonomous driving, virtual reality and remote sensing. We propose a novel, one-shot point cloud simplification method which preserves both the salient structural features and the overall shape of a point cloud without any prior surface reconstruction step. Our method employs Gaussian processes with kernels defined on Riemannian manifolds, allowing us to model the surface variation function across any given point cloud. A simplified version of the original cloud is obtained by sequentially selecting points using a greedy sparsification scheme. The selection criterion used for this scheme ensures that the simplified cloud best represents the surface variation of the original point cloud. We evaluate our method on several benchmark datasets, compare it to a range of existing methods and show that our method is competitive both in terms of empirical performance and computational efficiency.