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MIAC Analytics UK: A property web tool demonstration and applications

Wednesday 8 February 2023, 3pm - 5pm

A property data tool demonstration and the environmental, financial & social applications

Wednesday 8th February 2023 3pm

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Room 11.87


The tool is available for staff / students to use via the Consumer Data Research Centre partnership with MIAC.

It uses the Rental Index (RPI) and House Price Index (HPI) and offers the following:

  • Ability to review house price and rental price information at country, region, county and London-borough-level
  • Heat map of monthly changes in price at county/borough-level
  • Ability to track transaction volumes by month over time; including comparisons pre- and post-pandemic
  • Ability to see Historic Flooding Data by area (relevant to house price/rental values and insurance premiums) – important for researchers interested in the interdependency between housing market movements and trends in sustainability/climate change
  • Option of using an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for rental values by area and property type.

To find out more about proposing projects using this data, visit the CDRC Data Store



3:00 Welcome & Introduction

• MIAC’s Housing Price and Rental Price Indices and the CDRC

• Partnership and research to date Professor Mark Birkin (Director, Consumer Data Research Centre)

3:10 Demonstration of the interactive MIAC property analytics web tool

• Speaker introductions

• Description of data supporting indices accessible via CDRC

• Overview of functionality

• Latest updates and innovations to the tool

• Future plans • David Pickles (Managing Director)

• Dr Darrel Welch (Managing Director)

• Maab Ibrahim (Senior Data Scientist)

3:50 Audience questions / Discussion

Professor Mark Birkin chairing

4:00 Refreshments & networking



David Pickles

Managing Director at MIAC Analytics Ltd

David is an industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience of working at executive level across a range of business sectors. He takes the lead on relationship management and business development.

He is typically the first point of contact for any enquiries regarding the products and services we offer at MIAC and is always on hand to discuss client’s needs.

A big fan of classic cars and fishing; he even goes fishing in classic cars….

Maab Ibrahim, Senior Data Scientist

Maab joined MIAC in October 2020 from Leeds University where she gained her master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science. She is excited to reflect her expertise in Data Science, Programming and web development in MIAC UK.

She cites Grace Hopper and Andrew Ng as the biggest influences on her career interests.

Dr Darrel Welch, Managing Director at MIAC Analytics Ltd

Darrel leads on all quantitative elements of model validation and development assignments. This includes oversight and/or build of underlying behavioural and loss models for stress testing and asset valuation.

This includes development and oversight of all collateral valuation tools; rental and collateral.

He is instrumental in the advancement of the UK and European software modules within MIAC Analytics TM and collaborates with the US team on quantitative problems in his areas of expertise; optimisation, bond structure modelling and customer behavioural analytics.

Darrel is a passionate guitar player and regularly attends gigs in his spare time.