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New and Emerging Data Forms - Ethical Guidance Workshop

Partner Event
Monday 11 December 2017, 12:30pm - 4pm
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Level 11, Worsley Building, University of Leeds, Clarendon Way, Leeds, LS2 9NL

The University of Leeds, the EU EMPOWER project and the ESRC HABITS project is hosting a workshop in collaboration with the Cabinet Office on New and Emerging Data Forms - Ethical Guidance at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds.

The aim of the workshop is to enhance the ethical frameworks to be used in the generation, processing and analysis of new and emerging data types including data generated using new technology such as mobile apps and social media.

The workshop will review and enhance the existing Cabinet Office Data Science Ethical Framework and a new ethics tool developed by the EMPOWER project. These will be road-tested in light of the new General Data Protection Regulation and against a range of user needs.

This workshop is intended to bring together and use the expertise of key policy and practitioner stakeholders, active researchers and data scientists with experience of using new forms of data.

We are inviting an audience of those working in areas utilising new technologies and data and encountering sensitive data from apps and social media and other online methods. The aim will be to have a range of stakeholders with experience of user needs.

This workshop is free, however places are limited. Please register for a free ticket via Eventbrite. Closing date for applications is: 1st December 2017.