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Serverless Computing: State of the Art and Research Challenges

Monday 16 January 2023, 2pm - 3pm

Monday 16th January 2023 – 2pm-3pm

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Speaker - Karim Djemame, Founding Co-director of LIDA Science Infrastructures, School of Computing, University of Leeds

Serverless computing is revolutionising cloud application development as it offers the ability to create modular, highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications. The serverless architecture has seen widespread adoption from tech industry giants such as Amazon, Google and as well as the public domain, with open-source projects such as Apache OpenWhisk, Fission and OpenFaaS. This talk will present the state-of-the-art in serverless computing research and provide useful insights into the main challenges that motivate researchers to work on this topic, including the support for big data and data science. It will also identify research gaps for future research.

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