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Health Community

This year the LIDA Health Community has continued to develop multidisciplinary themes in workshops during its first year, most notably developing a major grant application to the Medical Research Council in the area of multiple long term conditions ('multimorbidity'). Work in this area continues to develop across the University, with coordination coming from Andy Clegg and Marlous Hall with support from Emma Tolson and Bethny Morrissey.

Work on other themes has continued and the community continues to grow and broaden its interests. Emergent areas include mental health, nutrition, dental data and the link to growing work across the University in the area of child health. Within the community, Sam Relton, is coordinating a new initiative aimed at addressing the key challenge of getting AI and statistical methodology into clinical practice (CHART - Centre for Healthcare Analytics Research & Translation).

In the Welcome and Update meeting in May, the team delivered a series of talks to introduce all new members to the group and showcase ongoing work from various touch points across the university.

Alongside the Health Community Co-Directors, Dave Westhead, Marlous Hall and Andy Clegg, speakers on the day included:

  • Dr Amy Downing – Associate Professor & Group Leader in Cancer Epidemiology
  • Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones - Associate Professor in Mental Health Psychology
  • Carolyn Auma - Lecturer in Nutrition, School of Food Science and Nutrition
  • Dr Kara Gray-Burrows - Lecturer in Behavioral Sciences & Complex Intervention Methodology
  • Dr Sofya Titarenko – Lecturer in Statistics
  • Yanis Boussad - Research Fellow

This year we plan to run several focused workshops in the themed areas with a view to developing more projects and multidisciplinary teams tackling health issues of societal importance using AI and data science.