DSDP Project Case Studies

2019-20 Project Case Studies

Low Carbon Cities: creating a road map for retrofitting the Leeds social housing stock

Our model helps organisations decide on the best retrofit strategy to improve the quality of their housing stock.

Natalie Nelissen

wall insulation in house
air pollution

Modelling the Joint Effects of Dense Temporal Datasets on Outcomes

This project uses newly constructed functional statistical models to uncover the underlying effects that pollution and lifestyle has on COPD hospital admissions.

Vijay Kumar


Developing simulations of smart cities

Incorporating real-time data into agent-based crowd simulations using dynamic data assimilation.

Thomas Richards

busy London street of people walking on pavement
empty school corridor

Can changing school admissions systems improve educational equality in the UK?

Modelling the school admissions system exposes educational inequalities but also highlights ways these can be addressed.

Holly Clarke


The Application of Rasch Measurement Theory to Guide Consumer Product Design

Rasch measurement theory provides an innovative way in which to extract insightful information from consumer data.

Caitlin Chalk

open tub of skin cream
deliveroo cyclist on road cycling

Assessing the presence of e-food deserts in the UK

Inequality in access to healthy and affordable food seems to increase when analysing the impact of groceries delivery systems’ availability, especially between remote rural areas and urban areas.

Francisco dos Anjos Videira


Simulating capability to reduce transport energy emissions and associated social vulnerabilities

Developed a microsimulation at the household and individual level using a Monte Carlo Sampling process in R to analyse travel behaviour and transport demand in England.

Claire Shadbolt

motorway car traffic at night